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Oven Cleaning

When you have had enough of oven cleaning trying to keep that greasy oven clean. After you have spent good money on all the fantastic, and mostly caustic oven cleaning products in the shops.

After you are finished all the rest of the stuff you do every day. Like cleaning the house, doing the shopping, going to work. The list is endless. But when you are fed up with the thought of cleaning that oven on top of everything else.

Think about letting us do it for you. If you are in Doncaster we will make that oven look great. back to near show room standards. We do all this for you.

Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Don’t stress yourself. You do enough! All these fantastic oven cleaners form the shops. Did they work, did they stink your kitchen out? What was on the label. Was it caustic or dangerous? Bad for the environment , or you. Ever wonder what they actually meant by ‘self cleaning oven’?

I can tell you after years of cleaning ovens that it is a specialised job. To do it properly you need the right equipment the right products and the right training before the cleaning can start. It is not an easy job and it needs doing with the proper kit.

Doncaster Oven Cleaning

We will clean your oven to showroom standards in less than a couple of hours. No mess and no strong smells.

First the oven is inspected by the oven cleaner and he will talk to the owner pointing out any points of interest before oven cleaning.

Then all the removable parts are taken to the van to soak in our special dip tank. The we start on the oven itself. It needs the proper products, but we don’t use dangerous or smelly chemicals when we carry out oven cleaning.

It’s all bio and safe for the children and pets to be around. All the burned on carbon and grease is removed and the oven is put back together again looking like new.

Our state of the art dip tank is mounted in the van. This is where all your oven racks go and soak while we clean the oven in your kitchen.

Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning

They come out great. Shiny and grease and carbon free. You can’t beat this system of oven cleaning. See our oven cleaning photos

When your cooker is finished. It will not only look better. It will work much better for you. We also clean the cooker hood and replace filters if you have them. This is very important if you have an extractor. Doncaster oven cleaners takes care of it all.

Most house fires start in the kitchen. Because the extractor spends it’s life sucking up very fine fat and oil particles from your cooking. It soon gets sticky. This sticky substance just attracts all sorts of dry house dust. Every home has it. It’s then that it becomes a fire risk. Do you know what to do if your extractor catches fire?

It’s not expensive to do that while we are there. The prices are on the prices page of this web site.

We clean ovens across Doncaster and the villages.

Yes, well we are right next door to all the villages around Doncaster.  Anywhere within our driving circle.  

It’s just us though, we don’t use anybody else.

Finally we change any bulbs that may have burned out and all in all do a great job for you. As a local family run Doncaster oven cleaning company so you can feel assured that you will not be getting ‘any old yobbo’ turning up to your home. You may laugh, but after this long in the industry we can tell you a few tales about that! You will only get us to get your cooker looking great again.

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Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning


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