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Oven Cleaning

Have you had enough of your dirty oven. Fed up with oven cleaning. Do you wish it would just clean itself like it said on the label when you brought it. Have you paid out for all these miracle cure oven cleaners that are supposed to make oven cleaning a breeze.

Well, I can tell you after years of Oven Cleaning it is a specialised job. To do it properly you need the right equipment the right products and the right training before the cleaning can start. It is not an easy job and it needs doing with the proper kit.

Doncaster Oven Cleaning

We will clean your oven to showroom standards in less than a couple of hours. No mess and no strong smells.

First the oven is inspected by the oven cleaner and he will talk to the owner pointing out any points of interest before oven cleaning.

Then all the removable parts are taken to the van to soak in our special dip tank. The we start on the oven itself. It needs the proper products, but we don’t use dangerous or smelly chemicals when we carry out oven cleaning.

It’s all bio and safe for the children and pets to be around. All the burned on carbon and grease is removed and the oven is put back together again looking like new.

It not only looks better but it will work much better for you. We also clean the cooker hood and replace filters if you have them.

We change any bulbs that may have burned out and all in all do a great job for you. As a local family run Doncaster company so you can feel assured that you will not be getting ‘any old yobbo’ turning up to your home. You may laugh, but after this long in the industry we can tell you a few tales about that! You will only get us to get your cooker looking great again.

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Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning


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