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Oven cleaners Doncaster

Oven cleaners Doncaster is a local Doncaster firm serving the Doncaster area. Doncaster oven cleaners is my firm, it’s just me! I do all the oven cleaning myself. And I have been doing it for years.

I’ll clean yours too, just call me to book and in. And in a week or so I will over to deep clean your oven making it look great.

Oven cleaners Doncaster

It takes me roughly about two hours to deep clean your cooker and make it safe to use and looking fantastic again. I say safe to use because people don’t realise how dangerous the black stuff inside your oven is.

That black stuff is carbon. It’s combustible and it contains carcinogenic compounds. So not what you want to keep using in an enclosed space!

Don’t worry, apart from making your cooker nice and shiny again, I get rid of all that carbon for you. So you and your family won’t have to be breathing it in again.

Oven cleaners Doncaster
Oven cleaners Doncaster

Oven cleaners Doncaster – Stress less oven cleaning

It is a tough job to deep clean an oven if you don’t have the equipment that oven that professional oven cleaners do. It the same with everything though. Everybody works at something. And has the right stuff and training to do it without running into problems.

Most people find oven cleaning a daunting and time consuming job to do in the kitchen. Lots of people that do try to clean their oven are stuck at what to use.
People find that domestic oven cleaning products brought from the shop just can’t cut through the grease, burnt on carbon and grime.

Oven cleaners Doncaster – Safety and professionally cleaning ovens

Do professional oven cleaners use shop brought oven cleaning products? The reason professional oven cleaners use specific products is that we know what is in them. You only have to look at some of the ingredients on some of these shop brought oven cleaning products to make you think twice.

Check to see if they have warnings. Are they caustic, can they burn the skin ? Do you need to ventilate and wear goggles and gloves to protect yourself?

All this information on oven cleaning products should be taken into consideration. Do you want to risk damaging your health or the oven coatings? Probably not.

But the instructions will cover themselves by telling you to test first. Test what? Do you know what your oven coating is made of? Do you have the personal protective equipment needed to safely handle this stuff?

Cleaning ovens in Doncaster – What does my day look like?

To keep your cooker looking great is a very time consuming job. You would really have to keep on top oven cleaning to keep it in showroom condition. I do this every day for my clients. This is how it goes…I usually start my day with doing a full can check. From the standard van checks to my oven cleaning products and tools I will need for the day. As I do that I heat up my truck mounted oven cleaning dip tank. This saves too much scrubbing of you oven racks which can damage the coatings.

I always text my clients so they know I am on my way. My arrival time is normally just before 10am. I tend to do 2 to 3 jobs a day.

On arrival introduce myself to my customer as Doncaster oven cleaners. They show me where the oven is to be cleaned. And at this point I do an oven cleaning inspection.

The reason oven cleaners carry out a pre oven cleaning inspection is to make sure the oven hob and extractor are safe to clean as well as finding any faulty parts.

Common things oven cleaners find around Doncaster.

The most common issues I find are the oven bulb fused or broken. Sometimes not there at all! There may be a fault with the cooker element or the oven may be showing signs of rust, cracks and corrosion.

Sometimes there are missing screws and loose parts. Especially the oven door handle or the hinges. I will point these out, but usually there is no problem to go ahead and clean that oven for you.

Doncaster oven cleaners – The big clean

After this oven cleaning inspection I continue with the oven cleaning process.

Firstly I protect the customers floor then fully strip down the oven. I place the removable parts into the oven cleaning dip tank. My oven cleaners dip tank has a eco and biodegradable solution in it that’s safe for the customer myself and the environment.

I then move on manually to clean the inside of the oven and door again using safe oven cleaning products. This process usually take around 2 hours depending on the amount of carbon build up in the oven then rinsed with water.

Once that is done I move on to the parts in the oven cleaning dip tank. The parts are cleaned and washed down with clear hot water.

The oven is put together and checked that everything is functioning correctly and the work area is cleaned.

My clients are always happy with the oven cleaning service I provide. I take real pride in my business and I can assure you that you are in safe hands. Doncaster oven cleaners, your local cooker cleaners in Doncaster.

Oven Cleaning Prices – Doncaster oven cleaners

My price list is always right there on this web site. Just click here to go to the oven cleaning prices page.

Why not have a look at my face book page. You will find lots of oven cleaning reviews that my clients have left for me.

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